Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Khoen the English sheep

So we live in a tiny village of maybe 400 people, and there are 2 churches. Of course. The catholic and the evangelical. We go to the sweet evangelical and are immensely enjoying it. It is the smallest church I've ever seen, and we don't understand more then a few words:) Anyway, khoen was invited to be in the Christmas play as a sheep. Truthfully I didn't know how he would do, he's never done anything like this before. We kept telling him he was going to be a sheep and that week we spent our "school" time talking about sheep and shepherds looking up various scriptures and telling him over and over that we are sheep and Jesus is our Shepherd. Well, when your american and move into a very small village your the talk of the town, unfortunately. So the week after the play after church a women came up to us and said, how wonderful khoen was and that everyone in town is talking about the "English sheep" we think its hilarious and odd, but I think they are starting to really embrace us into their family, which means so much to us. Now khoen goes around the house hooking Fletcher or daddy around the neck l Ike a shepherd and says " follow me". It's really sweet


  1. Loved the story. Thanks so much for keeping us informed about how it is going. There are a lot of people keeping you guys in their prayers. -Love you guys.

  2. How sweet! thanks for sharing we love hearing how things are going in your part of the world!