Thursday, April 5, 2012

Know what to let go of

This sounds silly I know. But I have lately been processing the things that I have given up or let go of in order to relocate my life. (aside from friends and family) Can you believe the things I miss are: commet that I cleaned my kitchen sink with religiously, my big sink that I could clean my refrigerator in, refrained beans, and my own home made mosaic tables. I had no idea that these things made up part of my identity. I mean, I knew they were a part of who i was but I didn't realize that with out them in my surroundings i would feel less known. I know for a fact if I went "home" to these things I would not be happier, in fact there is someone else living in my house, gardening my garden and mowing my lawn. So it's not even really worth thinking about;)

This week the new thing of my past that I am faced with letting go of are my cloth diapers.( I know silly right) I have loved my cloth system back home and even found it a joy to endure the hard work. I had brought my cloth diapers with the intention of using them and instead have offered them to a friend here. As I pack them up I keep postponing the drop off day. What if I want to use them again? What am I like 15 that I can't just let it go, I mean they're diapers, they hold poop. But the reality of my procrastination goes way deeper then the idea that I might use them again one day. It just another part of me to let go of.

As I come away from processing this my hope and prayer is that the Lord will build a new me. A stronger me that depends on Him for my identity as well as a humble me who isn't known by things that so easily parish or can be sold for mere dollars or euros.

Lord, this is your work in me. Freedom to become a new person in any season of this life. You will constantly change who I am in order that I might serve whoever surrounds me. I am not me, I am You.

May Jesus reign in you