Thursday, April 5, 2012

Know what to let go of

This sounds silly I know. But I have lately been processing the things that I have given up or let go of in order to relocate my life. (aside from friends and family) Can you believe the things I miss are: commet that I cleaned my kitchen sink with religiously, my big sink that I could clean my refrigerator in, refrained beans, and my own home made mosaic tables. I had no idea that these things made up part of my identity. I mean, I knew they were a part of who i was but I didn't realize that with out them in my surroundings i would feel less known. I know for a fact if I went "home" to these things I would not be happier, in fact there is someone else living in my house, gardening my garden and mowing my lawn. So it's not even really worth thinking about;)

This week the new thing of my past that I am faced with letting go of are my cloth diapers.( I know silly right) I have loved my cloth system back home and even found it a joy to endure the hard work. I had brought my cloth diapers with the intention of using them and instead have offered them to a friend here. As I pack them up I keep postponing the drop off day. What if I want to use them again? What am I like 15 that I can't just let it go, I mean they're diapers, they hold poop. But the reality of my procrastination goes way deeper then the idea that I might use them again one day. It just another part of me to let go of.

As I come away from processing this my hope and prayer is that the Lord will build a new me. A stronger me that depends on Him for my identity as well as a humble me who isn't known by things that so easily parish or can be sold for mere dollars or euros.

Lord, this is your work in me. Freedom to become a new person in any season of this life. You will constantly change who I am in order that I might serve whoever surrounds me. I am not me, I am You.

May Jesus reign in you


  1. Love this. I love your heart. I love you. I am so proud to know you as my friend. You seek the Lord with all of your heart and desire His best for your life! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Michelle, to know you is to know Jesus. You are such an amazing example of how to follow our king. I love you and am proud you are my daughter.

  3. Loved this Michelle. Thanks for posting. Love you friend.